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Care Package Rescue Service

About This Service

We assist adoptive parents to rescue packages they have sent to China via international carrier services. Packages sent internationally can get stuck in Chinese customs or the carrier's China office for a variety of reasons. 

Please note that our care packages avoid this problem because we buy and ship items inside China.

Here's what we do:

  1. Respond immediately to your request. (Carriers often attempt to return packages to the sender if they do not receive information by dates they specifiy).

  2. We will obtain or verify the orphanage's address and phone number and contact name.

  3. We call the location where your package is being held and provide the orphanage address, phone number and contact name, and ask them to deliver the package as soon as possible.

  4. We translate your Customs Statement into Chinese and pass it to your carrier in China. The Customs Statement is necessary to clear the package through Chinese Customs (The rescue fee includes statements of 125 words or less.  Additional words are 12 cents per word).

  5. We call the orphanage to verify the package arrival and email you when it arrives.

  6. If there are additional Chinese import duties, you will need to forward the fee to your carrier who is the only authorized party to pay import duties for you. If your carrier's office in China lets us know about the amount of the import duties, we will notify you about it right away.

What we cannot do:

  1. We cannot pick up or deliver packages.

  2. We cannot guarantee that we will succeed with the rescue. Chinese Customs or your carrier may decide not to cooperate with us, and packages can get lost after they are released from Customs.

  3. We cannot accept or pay import duties on your behalf.  Customs import duties can be paid only by the international carrier of your package, such as UPS, DHL, etc.  You must pay import duties through your carrier's U.S. office.

  4. We cannot persuade Chinese Customs to accept a package's stated value.

How to Order

The fee for package rescue is US $75, including a Customs Statement of 125 words or less (longer statements are assessed by word count at the rate of 12 cents per word).

Please use this form to send the necessary information:

Package Rescue Form
and Customs Statement

(MS Word)
    (Text only)

You may pay by PayPal using the Add to Cart button, or by Check.

Care Package Rescue
US $75

When paying by PayPal, please use your own home address as the "ship to" address. This will help PayPal to process your order smoothly.

Adele's hours of operation for responding to Email are: Monday thru Friday 9am to 9pm EST

Please note: Our fee does not include additional import duties. We have found that there can be a large difference between a package's stated value, and the value that Chinese Customs decides it is worth. This appears to be one of the main reasons why packages get stuck in Chinese Customs.  You must remit import duties through your carrier. We cannot accept or pay import duties for you. After you pay an import duty, it may take some time for the package to be cleared out of Chinese Customs.

Need Assistance with our Services or Products?

Call Adele (210) 262-9305

If you cannot reach Adele, please leave a voice message with your name,
phone number and a brief message and she will get back to you very soon!

Email Adele at


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