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Frequently Asked Questions about BlessedKids Care Packages

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Why do I need a letter?

It is a good idea to explain to the orphanage what you expect them to do with the package. The letter tells orphanage staff who the package is for, what to do with the items, and thanking them for taking care of your adopted child. The letter must be in Chinese.

The fee for the letter is separate from the package price because some people prefer to send their own letters to Adele for translation. Letters must be in Chinese. You may use the standard letter or send Adele your own letter which she will translate at the rate of 12 cents per word. 

How to use the standard letter: Download the letter from the care package web page and modify it with your word processor.  Instructions for modifying the letter are included in the text. Email it to Adele at and she will translate it into Chinese.  Adele will email the translated letter to her associates in China so it can be sent with the care package.

If you already have a translated letter, email it to Adele at



What costs are involved?

You do not pay shipping or taxes.

The package price includes the cost of the items, packing, shipping and delivery verification.

A letter is recommended to instruct orphanage staff about what to do with the package. The letter is an additional cost to the package price. 

All packages offer options at additional cost, such as rush service, a list of questions to orphanage staff about your adopted child, including your own items, and more.

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Can I get a package quote online?

Yes - Use the Add To Cart buttons to select items. The cart automatically totals the cost for you. You can add/remove items in the cart.  Using the cart does not obligate you to purchase anything.  If you do decide to pay by using the Secure Checkout feature in the shopping cart, you can pay by PayPal or credit card.

Can I send my own items?

All care packages offer the option to include your own items.  For example, you can include a blanket with your own scent by sleeping with it for a few nights.  This may ease your child's transition to your care by providing an opportunity to recognize your scent at adoption time.  You may send items to Adele's father's address in China and he will include them with your care package. The cost to add items to your package is based on weight. For instructions about how to send your own items with a package, email Adele at

Note: Please do not send items to the BlessedKids address.  We cannot ship items to China for you.

Package Delivery

Standard Service (included in package price) - Includes Super Express Delivery, which is the Chinese equivalent of UPS delivery in the USA.  Packages are delivered to the recipient's door, and someone must sign for delivery. We notify you by email when the package arrives. Total time for your package to arrive at the orphanage is approximately 9 to 10 business days after we receive payment.  You may order a package at any time. We will send the package on the date you specify!  Adele will complete the translation and send your order to China within 5 business days after we receive payment. 

Rush Service (additional fee) - Includes everything in Standard Service, but much faster. Total time for your package to arrive at the orphanage is approximately 6 to 8 business days, after payment. If you plan to travel to China within the next two to three weeks, Rush Service is highly recommended. (Rush Service is not available with the Photo Pillow Package).

Cakes & Flowers - We order fresh cakes and flowers from a Chinese service.  Delivery is 1 to 2 days after we place the order.

Need Assistance with our Services or Products?

Call Adele (210) 262-9305

If you cannot reach Adele, please leave a voice message with your name,
phone number and a brief message and she will get back to you very soon!

Email Adele at


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