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Important Ordering Information

1. When paying by PayPal, please use your own home address as the shipping address. We will get the orphanage or foster family address directly from you.  

2. Please send the Chinese characters for both the name of your child and the orphanage. The characters are needed for accurate identification. Send to Adele at You can find this information in your CCAA acceptance letter or your Pre-Approval letter.

3. Delivery - All package options include Chinese Super Express Delivery which is the Chinese equivalent to UPS delivery in the USA. We check with the orphanage to make sure your cake arrives and we email you when the other package items arrive.

Compare our packages with sending your own internationally.



Chinese New Year Package for Adoptive Parents

This service is designed for post-adoptive parents who want to send something to their child's orphanage or foster parents. Chinese New Year starts February 16, 2018. The Year of the Dog!

Chinese New Year is a major event for everyone in China! Cake is a great way to send a gift to orphanages and foster parents. We order fresh cake from a Chinese cake service. Cakes are delivered 1 to 2 days after we place the order.

A greeting card is included. You may include a 25-word message, or we can write this message in Chinese: Thank you for all you have done for <your adopted child's name>. We will forever be grateful. We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! May everything go as you wish! <Your name(s)>


Chinese New Year Cake (12 inches)

New Year Dragon Cake (12 inches)

One Cake and Card
US $64

Two Cakes and Card
US $104

One Cake and Card
US $64

Two Cakes and Card
US $104

Popular Options
Post-Adoption Letter

Adele has drafted a culturally appropriate post-adoption letter for your convenience. The translation fee is US $12 only. Feel free to copy the text, paste it into your text editor and add your changes. Email it to Adele at    

Purchase Letter & Translation
US $12

12 Questions - About Your Child

You may add twelve Standard Questions about your adopted child.  We send a Chinese translation of the questions with the package.

12 Questions
US $12 
(a $19 value!)
SASE - Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
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You may include a SASE for the orphanage to send a reply to your letter. Including a SASE will greatly enhance your chances of receiving a reply. International postage is expensive for ordinary Chinese families, and orphanages and foster parents appreciate the gesture. We use envelopes and postage specified by the Chinese Post Office for international mailing. If you want to include a SASE, please email your mailing address to Adele at
US $20

Money Gift
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We send money gifts through a secure service of the Chinese Post Office. We charge an additional fee to process the order and pay the post office for the service.

(Money gift prices are with purchase of package forwarding or a care package.)

Include $50
US $65

Each additional $50
US $55

Send Photos of Your Family
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We send your photos to China to be printed in a photo shop as regular 3.5 x 5 prints. Our associates will send the photos with the package. E-mail your photos to Adele at: The optional photo album is a soft cover booklet. When you order a photo album, we insert the photos into the album before sending them with the package.
1 or 2 Photos
US $20
3 or 4 Photos
US $22
5 or 6 Photos
US $26
Photo Album
US $12
Fruit Basket & Treats
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Fruit Basket contains oranges, grapes, bananas, apples, mangos and star fruit.

Honey Dates and Yupi Peanuts are delicious and highly appreciated gifts in China. One bag of each. Combined weight is 1000 grams (a little more than 2 pounds). 

Chocolate is becoming popular in China, and the candies are always a favorite. One bag of each. Combined weight is 1000 grams (a little more than 2 pounds).

Fruit Basket
US $49

Honey Dates and Yupi Peanuts
US $26

Chocolate and Candies
US $35

Compare our packages with sending your own internationally.

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If you cannot reach Adele, please leave a voice message with your name,
phone number and a brief message and she will get back to you very soon!

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