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Important Ordering Information

1. When paying by PayPal, please use your own home address as the shipping address. We will get the orphanage or foster family address directly from you.  

2. Please send a picture to put on the pillow to Adele at Adele will send it to China to be transferred to the pillow.  Photos with a light background work best.

3. Please send the Chinese characters for both the name of your child and the orphanage. The characters are needed for accurate identification. Send to Adele at You can find this information in your CCAA acceptance letter or your Pre-Approval letter.

4. Delivery time - The standard mailing method for the Photo Pillow is Chinese Express Mail. Delivery time is 4 to 7 days in China.  We will notify you when the pillow arrives at the orphanage. 

All package options include Chinese Super Express Delivery which is the Chinese equivalent to UPS delivery in the USA. Total time for package options to arrive at an orphanage is approximately 9 to 10 business days after you place your order. We email you when the package arrives.

Photo Pillow

Familiarize your adopted child with your picture on a pillow.

Adoptive parents have told me how photos, toys and blankets they have sent to their adopted children have eased the transition period from the orphanage to a new family.

Your adopted child can become familiar with your faces while hugging this soft, inviting pillow. The pillow is approximately 12 inches wide. The photo is printed into the cloth in a way that preserves the texture of the fabric.


Photo Pillow
US $75


Please add a Letter. A Letter is recommended if you are sending a package before you receive your child. The letter explains the package to orphanage staff. Click here to view the letter. You may copy the text, add your changes and Email it to Adele at  

Purchase Letter & Translation
US $19

Compare our packages with sending your own internationally.


It will be up to the orphanage staff to take photos with any cameras we send on your behalf. We do not have any agreements with them regarding photography, and we cannot guarantee that orphanage staff will take good photos or return all of the items or answers to your questions when you receive your child. Orphanages are sometimes overwhelmed with managing the adoption process and can forget to bring some items when they meet you. Please develop the cameras in China. The film may be sensitive to airport x-ray machines.

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