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Dialing Instructions for Calling China

How to Call China

Country Code - When calling China, use 011-86 in front of the Chinese phone number. (011 is for international calls, and 86 is the country code for China).

For example, an international call to Beijing, China looks like this:

011-86 (10) 323-35567.



Drop Leading Zero on Area Codes - When you dial into China, for any area code that starts with zero, drop the zero. (For example, modify Beijing’s area code from 010 to 10.) China’s internal area code system uses three or four digits. (For example, Beijing’s area code is 010. In contrast, Xiamen’s area code is 0592).

For example, if a hotel in Beijing has a phone number that looks like this:

(010) 323-35567, then dial it like this: (10) 323-35567.

Related Services

Three Way Calling - If you want to speak directly with an orphanage or foster family in China, Adele can do oral interpretation in a three way call.

Child History - We call orphanages on your behalf.  Phone calls are the fastest way to get information.  Most orphanages are willing to answer a limited number of questions over the phone.

Letters - We can assist you with sending culturally appropriate, chinese language letters to orphanages and foster families. You may include any number of questions with your letters, and a self addressed stamped envelope for receiving replies.

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