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Our services are for adoptive parents of Chinese children, and for adoption agencies.

Child History - Contact orphanages in China on behalf of adoptive parents who want information about their adopted children.

Translation - Translation of referral documents, letters and other correspondence with China.

Letters to China - Convenient ways to correspond with orphanages and foster families.

Care Packages - Packages for adoptive parents who wish to send appropriate gifts, messages and questions to orphanages and foster parents in China.  These packages are purchased and shipped inside China with fast, guaranteed delivery.

Orphanage Addresses - Big list of Chinese orphanage addresses In both Chinese and English.

Chinese Arts - Wonderful Chinese music, paintings, calligraphy, language, and more.

Travel Aids - For travelers to China. Child ID card, introduction card, China visa, and more.

Photo Albums - Folks love to send pictures of their adopted children.

Site Map - A list of all the services on our web site, plus links to other adoption-related resources.

Testimonials - See what our clients say about our services!

About Adele

My name is Adele Chen Hall. I live in Texas. I was born in China and Chinese is my native language. My husband and I adopted Lauren from China. Our agency is Great Wall China Adoption in Austin, Texas. 

Since founding BlessedKids in 2003, I have provided services to adoptive parents in all 50 U.S. states, and 16 other countries. View a resume of my translation and interpretation experience.

I was born in Fujian Province, and my parents still live there. I have a B.A. in Diplomacy from the Foreign Affairs College in Beijing, China, and a M.B.A. from Indiana University. I used to work as a computer programmer, but my passion is helping adoptive parents of Chinese children.  When I became aware of the translation needs in the adoption community, I started offering my services. Since that time, I’ve been impressed by the generosity and love that people from around the world have extended to Chinese orphans. It is a great privilege to be on this adoption journey with so many wonderful people.



About Lauren

Lauren is simply wonderful. Her Chinese name is LiQing, which means “beautiful and sunny.”

She was a newborn baby when she was found in a box in Dian Bai county, Guang Dong province. She spent her first year with a foster family before moving to Dian Bai orphanage where she stayed until we received her on September 14, 2003.

She was an itchy baby when we got her. She had a boil on her head and a rash on her body. We took her to a Guangzhou hospital to treat the boil.

She’s strong-willed, affectionate and outgoing! She frequently grabs our hands to lead us to her next adventure, which usually involves picture books, toys, tumbling over furniture or walks around the neighborhood. Eating is a passion for her, followed by theme parks and swimming. She’s not very fond of going to bed (what kid is?). When she wakes up, she bolts out of bed and ambushes the nearest adult, ready for hugs, food, reading, or a game of tag.

She is a blessing!

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