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Adele's Translation and Interpretation Experience

Adele Hall, Adoption Researcher.

Since founding BlessedKids in 2003, Adele has provided services to adoptive parents in all 50 U.S. states, and 16 other countries.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) from the Foreign Affairs College in Beijing, which is the premier college for training China's diplomats. 

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Indiana University.

Translation Experience

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For Adoptive parents from around the world - Letters to/from orphanages and foster parents, medical records, care packages, and more.  

For Adoption Agencies in United States

  • China programs: Translation of medical information of special needs children, referral translation, application forms.
  • Taiwan programs: Home study reports, adoption application letters.

United States District Court
Western District of Texas -
Oral interpretation.

Organizations and Companies in San Antonio, TX
English to Chinese translation of business presentations, marketing brochures and business cards used for marketing trips to China. in New York, NY - Business contracts, government documents, news articles, and stock analyses. in New York, NY - Business documents and news articles.

Shivers & Shivers Attorneys at Law in San Antonio, TX - Legal documents for immigration purposes.

Summit International, Expert Language Services in San Antonio, TX – Interpretation of legal proceedings and translation of academic documents.

The Court of County of Bexar in San Antonio - Oral Interpretation of legal proceedings.

The International Personnel Exchange Program between Fujian Province, China and the State of Texas, USA - Oral Interpretation for the Mayor of San Antonio, the Honorable Judge of the Bexar County Courts-at-law, and Angelou Economic Advisors Inc


Our services for adoptive parents of Chinese children, and for adoption agencies:

Child History - Contact with orphanages in China on behalf of adoptive parents who want information about their adopted children.

Translation - Translation of referral documents, letters and other correspondence with China.

Letters to China - For adoptive parents who want to correspond with orphanages and foster families.

Care Packages - Packages for adoptive parents who wish to send appropriate gifts, messages and questions to orphanages and foster parents in China.  These packages are purchased and shipped inside China with fast, guaranteed delivery.

Orphanage Addresses - Big list of Chinese orphanage addresses In both Chinese and English.

Chinese Arts - Wonderful Chinese music, paintings, calligraphy, language, and more.

Travel Aids - For travelers to China. Child ID card, introduction card, China visa, orphanage visit permit, and more.

Photo Albums - Folks love to send pictures of their adopted children.

Site Map - A list of all the services on our web site, plus links to other adoption-related resources.

Testimonials - See what our clients say about our services!

Need Assistance with our Services or Products?

Call Adele (210) 262-9305

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phone number and a brief message and she will get back to you very soon!

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