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If you are planning to get information about your adopted Chinese child, or simply connect with orphanages or foster families in China, we provide these services:

Calling Orphanages - We call orphanages on your behalf.  Phone calls are the fastest way to get information.  Many orphanages are willing to answer a limited number of questions over the phone.

Phone Interpretation - If you want to speak directly with an orphanage or foster family in China, Adele can do oral interpretation in a three way call.

Letters To China - We can assist you with sending culturally appropriate, chinese language letters to orphanages and foster families. You may include any number of questions with your letters.

Care Packages - A very effective way to get information is to send a care package. Care packages let you send letters and questions about your child to China, along with photos, gifts and cameras, all in one affordable package. Most orphanages deeply appreciate care packages. We buy and send all care package items inside China and we notify you when the package arrives.

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Name Package - Not sure what your child's Chinese name means?  Adele will accurately translate your child's name, plus give you tips for appropriate combinations with English names.


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