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Letter Package to China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) for Document Retrieval
This service simplifies corresponding with China Center of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) in China when adoptive families want to request a copy of their children’s documents from CCAA . You may send your own letter, or modify our standard letter.

CCAA Letter Package
Letter, Photos and SASE

Letter, SASE plus
one or two photos
US $58

Additional photos: US $3 each

Package Includes:

  • Chinese translation of a letter of 200 words or less. ( If your letter is over 200 words, multiply the number of extra words by .12, then use the payment buttons to pay the additional amount).
  • SASE - for the recipient to send a reply to you. Including a SASE will greatly enhance your chances of receiving a reply. SASE is a self-addressed, stamped envelope with the name of your country in Chinese characters in front of your address. We use envelopes and postage specified by the Chinese Post Office for international mailing.
  • Photos - you may include photos with the letter. Please email the photos to us.
  • We send everything inside China for you, which avoids international mailing.  We use Chinese Super Express Mail. Delivery is 2 to 4 days after we send the package.
  • We verify arrival of the letter, via Chinese Post office, or by calling the recipient.
  • We notify you via email when the letter package arrives. If the letter does not arrive within 30 days, we resend the letter.

How to Order

1. When paying by PayPal, please use your own home address as the "ship to" address. This will help PayPal to process your order smoothly. I use PayPal for payment only. I get the "ship to" address (the orphanage or foster parent addresses) directly from you.

2. Email the following information:

(a) The letter you would like us to translate. You may send your own letter, or modify our standard letter.

(b) Chinese characters of your child's Chinese name.  The characters will enable us to accurately translate your child's name for the letter that accompanies the package. You can find this information in your CCAA acceptance letter or your Pre-Approval letter.

(c) Chinese characters of the orphanage's name, and address, if possible.  You can find the Chinese characters of the orphanage name in your CCAA acceptance letter or your Pre-Approval letter. If you don't have the address, we will find it for you free of charge when you order a package. 

(d) Photos - Please email your photos to us.

(e) Your mailing address - If you expect a reply to your letter.

Where to Send:

Email the above information to Adele at

Adele's hours for responding to Email are:
Monday thru Friday 9am to 9pm EST

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Prefer a Different Solution?

Call Adele (210) 262-9305

If you cannot reach Adele, please leave a voice message with your name,
phone number and a brief message and she will get back to you very soon!

Email Adele at


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