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Letters Written for You

Many people have asked me to write letters for them. I can write to a Chinese orphanage or foster parents on your behalf. 

For example, let’s say you want an orphanage to take photos of your daughter before you arrive in China. Perhaps you would like to send a disposable camera with instructions about the types of pictures you want to have. I can compose a culturally appropriate, warm letter based on your instructions. 

Here’s what to do:

1. Email to me, the information you would like to put in a letter. You can be brief, even just a few ideas.

2. I’ll return a price quote for drafting the letter.  When you approve the quote and pay, I will draft a letter in English for your review. When you approve the draft, I’ll give you another price quote for translating the letter into Chinese. 

3. I will email the translated letter to you in a Word document. I’ll translate the mailing address into Chinese and save it in GIF format free of charge so you can print it out and tape it to an envelope.

Need Some Ideas?

If you need some ideas for topics and questions, view examples of letters here.

NOTE: It is important to have precise Chinese characters for addresses and names. Individual English words often translate into different Chinese characters. If you have documents containing Chinese characters for the address of an orphanage or foster family, or for your child's Chinese name, please scan and email them to me, or send it via the postal service. I'll make sure they have been accurately translated.

Thanks, and Best Wishes.


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Care Packages - Care packages let you send letters and questions about your child to China, along with photos, gifts and cameras, all in one affordable package. Most orphanages deeply appreciate care packages. We buy and send all care package items inside China and we notify you when the package arrives.

Free Photo Labels - Chinese and English labels for identifying your family, pets and home in photos you send to orphanages and foster families.

Need Assistance with our Services or Products?

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If you cannot reach Adele, please leave a voice message with your name,
phone number and a brief message and she will get back to you very soon!

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