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For Your Child: Name Package

Adoptive parents sometimes ask for advice about how to pronounce their Chinese children’s names, and how to integrate a Chinese name with an English name.

Gold Name Package ($25)

The Name Package Includes:

  1. Chinese Characters of the name.

  2. Chinese Pinyin for easy pronunciation.

  3. English translation of the name.

  4. Advice about how to integrate a Chinese name with an English name. (Combining English and Chinese names can sometimes lead to inappropriate results!)

  5. Audio file of myself saying the name so you and your child can hear it.

Gold Name Package


‘Ning’ is her last name. It means ‘peaceful, tranquil and quiet.’

‘Fang Chun’ is her first name. ‘Fang’ means, ‘fragrant, sweet-smelling, good, virtuous’. ‘Chun’ means, ‘Spring, life, vitality, thoughts of love.’ You can write her first name as ‘Fang Chun’ or ‘Fangchun’. ‘Ning Fang Chun’ can be translated as ‘the peaceful, quiet and fragrant spring.’ It is quite poetic and nice. The characters of ‘Fang’ and ‘Chun’ were used separately in some Chinese ancient poems.

Integrating with an English Name

You can use a Chinese name like ‘Fangchun’, or ‘Fang’, or ‘Chun’ as a middle name. If you do not like the name, ‘Fang’ can be combined with ‘Mei’ to make ‘Fang Mei’ which means fragrant plum-flower. Another choice is to combine ‘Chun’ with ‘Li’ to make ‘Li Chun’ which means beautiful spring. This name can go with the English name ‘Lynn’ which sounds like the Chinese word ‘Lin’ which means ‘forest.’ Combined together as ‘Lynn Fangchun,’ they mean ‘fragrant spring in the forest.’


How to Purchase 

Step 1. To purchase, use the Add to Cart button.

Step 2. Send an email to Adele at requesting the Gold Name Package and your audio file preference (WIndows Media Player or RealPlayer). 

Step 3. Email a copy of a document containing the Chinese characters of your child’s name. 

You may also mail the Chinese characters to the address above (please do not send original documents).


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