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Digital Photo Retrieval

Oh my goodness! Thank you SO much for offering this precious gift to us!! We are so thankful for these photos as they are WAY more updated than the old picture we have. What a blessing for our daughter, too, in her future to have pictures (from the week of her first birthday!) to look back on. We have permanent smiles at this blessing! Thank you again. We just loved the photos and can't wait to bring home our girl!!
Have a great weekend!
Take care,
S. H. in CA

Camera Retrieval

Hey Adele,
I recently used your camera retrieval service. I received the pictures you emailed me and they are wonderful. I cannot thank you enough for providing this service. In this long wait to adopt, seeing photos of how happy she is puts my mind at ease.........and that would not be possible without YOU!!



Hi Adele,
You sent a care package including the option of the camera retrieval service to our daughter’s orphanage for us. We received the pictures of our daughter today, and we just love them!!!!! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service, it is such a blessing.

Our daughter looks so happy and well cared for, these pictures reassured me that she is doing just fine. I just wish we could get her right now!!!!

One of my favorite pictures is where our daughter is holding the pink bunny blanket that we sent her. That picture brought tears to my eyes. It was amazing to see her with the blanket. I did sleep with that blanket for over a week!

I just can't tell you enough what a wonderful service you provide. It is just a miracle that we can connect with our daughter now while we are waiting until that day when we can hold her and be with her forever!!!!


C. B. in Texas

Letter & Photo Package

We have received your e-mail and the attachments of the photos and translated letter. I am so thrilled that with your help, we were able to obtain this piece of our daughter’s history! I cried from happiness when I saw the picture of her and her birth note.

Your service is so wonderful - I have already told many people about it. Our social worker from our agency wrote down your web site address to pass on to other parents.

Thank you again. We are forever grateful to you for the help you have given us.

C. M. in Oregon

Calling Orphanages

Dear Adele,
I am happy that you have found answers about my daughter through contacting her social welfare institute. You ARE doing something very worthwhile and helpful. I've felt so helpless not being able to learn more about her past. I just know the day will come when she will ask a lot of questions and I want to be able to tell her I did everything in my power to learn about her time in China. Being adopted is confusing enough. not to mention being abandoned. She deserves information if we can attain it.

T. P. in Alabama

Adele -
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have found out for us about our daughter. We have been extremely pleased with your service, professionalism, and consideration.

All the information you have obtained for us about our daughter is very much appreciated. In addition, the arrangements you made with the orphanage staff to give us our daughter’s towel and clothes she was wearing when she was found, and the copy of our daughter's finding ad will be priceless. We will highly recommend your services to anyone we come across, and we plan to post on the yahoo group how wonderful you and your services are. It is obvious this work is your passion!


Thank you so much for your services and your dedication to helping parents and children gather more information. I was really amazed how much you went out of your way to make sure you contacted the right people at the orphanages. What was most impressive, though, was that you took it upon yourself to call the orphanage back and try to persuade them to send the finding ad after they hesitated. I was really disappointed they had said no and couldn't believe how much you understood my feelings (and the disappointment I thought my daughter would feel) and made an effort to express that to them. That was above and beyond and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! I am so happy that after your additional efforts, the orphanage has sent out my daughter’s finding ad.

Xie Xie!

-- Z.L. in Wisconsin

Dear Adele,
Thank you so much! I learned many new things about my daughter that I had not known. For one, I did not know she was found in a red & flowered cloth. The student that read the papers originally told me she was healthy but not much else. I am so glad to know the details. You have helped me so much. I will remember you when I am ready to send a letter to the orphanage and need translation.

-- A. A. in Kansas

Good morning Adele, 
This is such an amazing service you provide. I had no idea how emotional it would be for me to hear that you have connected with someone from her orphanage. 

Thanks for all your work and attention to me. Your business is a great thing for adoptive Chinese families and I think you will do quite well in this endeavor.

Thanks so much for all you have done. We are thrilled to get this information about our daughter. You have asked her orphanage to give us her photos dating from several years ago. I think she will be so grateful to have the pictures when she gets older, and it gives us so much peace of mind that she is happy and doing well. 

-- K.P. in Washington


Care Packages

We used Blessed Kids to send a care package to our little China jewel over Christmas. At first, I was not going to send a care package, but ended up we are traveling later than I had hoped. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about using this service, because of past experiences with trying to get care packages to an orphanage in another country. But, Adele's services went far beyond my expectations!!! Just this past weekend, we received 12 photos of the celebration the orphanage had with the cakes we sent them. I got updated information on our little girl, which I didn't even expect. I cannot stop looking at the photos that were sent to us and the date at the bottom of the photos is 12-24-2010. I ordered the package just a week before Christmas and it was there for the orphanage to enjoy on Christmas Eve! Amazing! I HIGHLY recommend this service if you want fast, quality and dependable service. Adele gave me detailed updates on everything, which was so nice. Thank you Adele, you have made our family so happy that we can look at these pictures and feel a little closer to our precious little girl until we can finally travel to pick her up!!!


North Carolina

"Hello Adele -
We had placed a photo pillow order w/you in October on behalf of our son who was living in Shanxi Province. Two weeks ago today we returned to the U.S. with him. I am happy to report that he is doing very well.

On Gotcha' Day, our son's foster mother sent along his pillow. I want to say thank you for the wonderful job your service did with it. Our family photo came out really clear and vivid on it. The foster mother clearly loved him very much and he missed her so much, also. Apparently, she prepared him as best she could for his new family because he pointed to us on the pillow and said "jie jie", "ma ma" and "ba ba". We heard him do this and watched him do this after we put him in his crib a few days after receiving him. Hopefully, this photo pillow also gave his foster mother some comfort by seeing what we look like and that we already have a beautiful daughter from China.

Thank you so much. I would highly recommend your service to other adoptive families."

Hi Adele,
"In January of this year we adopted our daughter from an SWI in China. You did our family the wonderful service of facilitating her birthday party (which happened there before we received her) and sending a care package to the orphanage. First of all I want to let
you know that the staff held a wonderful birthday for our daughter and took lots of pictures of the party, our daughter, and of each staff member who cared for her during her first year. These pictures are treasures for all of us, and you made it possible. Thank you!

S.S. in MD"

Dear Adele:
I have no idea how to thank you adequately for all your incredible work in getting the cake and fruit and translated questions and cameras to the orphanage in time. Thank you. The orphanage director took pictures of the goodies and provided answers to the twelve questions. All the gifts were a huge hit, and I am still in awe how you managed to get everything together so fast and so well.

Tonight we came home with our new daughter. What an adventure we have had!

Thanks again.

J. F. in MD

Hi Adele and greetings from China!!
We wanted to let you know that our Lilly did indeed receive the care package!!!! Somebody from her orphanage was at the Civil Affairs office yesterday and came up to her, calling her Lilly :) He also had the panda bear, the photos (which she recognized immediately and a bit later held up and looked at us and we saw her first smile!!) and the 2 cameras! We can't wait to get those developed! We just wanted to thank you again for the service you provide and let you know that we got it and were so happy about that! We'll be home in a week and truly enjoying this beautiful country!!!
K.S. "

We used your services last year to send a pillow package to our son in Inner Mongolia. We want you to know that the pillow means the world to him. He knew us on sight and his foster family was thrilled with the pillow and the ability to teach him about us before we met.

L. E.

We used BlessedKids and they were wonderful!! When our daughter came to us, they (the orphanage) gave us the items we had sent in the care package (e.g., pillow with our photo on it, stuffed bear, etc.) and photos of her eating the cake we sent -- so now she has all of those for her life book and to keep as part of her story. Not only did they give our daughter something special, but also she now has items from the orphanage which I know she will treasure.

I can't recommend them enough!

C. U.

Hi Adele,
Thank you for making the care package to our daughter so easy. When we got our daughter she was hugging her pillow. She is such a blessing to us! We also got the disposable camera back with pictures of her foster mother and our Hannah. What a beautiful piece of her heritage she will always have and be able to treasure. Also thank you for the email you forwarded not long ago of waiting children needing homes. Please feel free to send us waiting children lists anytime because we soon hope to be searching for a baby sister for our daughter.
God Bless,

A. N.

Hi Adele,
Last December, you sent a care package (candies, bear, camera, blanket, photo album & questions) to my daughter in China. In February 2006, I met my daughter. When we returned to finalize the adoption in China, I met the director of her orphanage who presented me with the panda bear and camera that you sent for me. Another family in our travel group also sent a care package through you and they received the same items with their daughter.

We had the photos developed in China, and they are, of course, priceless. My daughter was 9-1/2 months old at Gotcha Day, so having those pictures of her earlier days are something that we could never replace.

I also believe that they did receive our photo album because the nurse holding my daughter on Gotcha Day happened to be standing near me as we awaited the matching of the families. All the babies looked so different from their referral photos that I had no idea which was my daughter. The nurse looked and pointed to me, telling her that I was her mama. There was still a room full of families waiting to be matched, so I know that she had to have seen our photos at the SWI.

Thank you for helping us make this connection with our daughter while she was still in China. This was our way of letting her know that we were waiting for her over the Christmas holidays, and it is very meaningful to us that she got these gifts even though she was too young to really understand what they meant.

L. T. in Illinois

Hi Adele!
We just wanted to let you know that we arrived home from China. We're attaching a picture of Qi, now Paige Qi, so you can see how she's doing. We received all of our pictures from the cameras we sent through Blessedkids, as well as the doll and blanket we sent - the doll and blanket were lifesavers those first days in China with Paige. Thank you so much for everything - we truly believe our contact with Paige, the orphanage, and her foster family before we traveled to China is what made our transition so smooth. The orphanage director told us that Qi's foster mom cried all day that first day she was with us :( so we are definitely going to send them a post adoption letter and photos through Blessedkids. Blessedkids is truly a blessing in our lives!

We'll be in touch!

S and J in IN

Dear Adele,
Thanks for taking care of this package for us. It's wonderful that you are so busy and I am very pleased for you. Thank-you Adele - you provide such a critical service. I am sure you get so busy sometimes that you probably forget about the significance of your contribution, but when I think of the vital connection you allow us parents to make with our children and their "first families"; as well as helping us to learn and connect with their culture AND helping the SWI through your work - it makes me feel so much kindness towards you and your family. You really are a Godsend.



Hello Adele,
You sent a package for me to our daughter waiting for us in Hubei. We got everything we sent (blanket, panda, bear). The pictures in the camera are priceless. I never had the time to thank you. The Panda and the blanket are huge.

S. O. in Indiana


Hi Adele, 
We received the translation and the letter is JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!! It brought tears to my eyes just to read it - it brings our daughter closer to my arms...

Adele, YOU are my angel and I can only thank God that you are in my life to re-write this letter for me. You understand the Chinese way.

Thank you for helping me in this way Adele. I feel the time to get this package off is important with our daughter especially if China opens and we travel in July for her. 

In the Disney movie, Lilo and Stitch, that my youngest children and I watch there is a small word spoken, Ohanna - this word means Family in Hawaiian. Family means, No one gets left behind. We are on this journey to bring our daughter home.... to hugs and kisses and love everyday.

I am so thankful for you Adele,

-- K.T. in Ohio

“Adele's translation services have been invaluable in our quest to gain more information about our daughter's time in China. From writing letters to our orphanage director and employees at the abandonment site, to making phone calls to officials, she really goes all out to try to get the information we want. Not only is she quick and affordable, she really does enjoy helping adoptive families.”

-- K. C. in Texas

Thank you so much for helping us translate a letter to the foster parents of our daughter. I was thrilled when I found your service and was so impressed with you. Your prices are very good and you were able to translate our letter very quickly. Not only do you do great work, you are also extremely nice! I hope your business thrives.

-- L.H. in Florida

General Services

Dear Adele,
A year ago summer, you helped us to find my daughter’s foster family in China. We are traveling to China soon to see them (and some of the country). We are very excited and her foster mother is very excited that we are coming.

This evening, my daughter was asked what she is most grateful for (in her life). She answered "Adele". (We have not talked about you specifically or used your name in months). She went on to say that without you, we would not be traveling to China to see her foster family - that without you we would not have information about her history.

So thank you again. I thought you might like to know that one twelve year old girl is very aware of your role in her life.

Take care.
P. J.

Dear Adele,
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help in locating an escort for two children who need to come to the States from Mongolia, through Beijing for medical treatment. After you posted a message about this to your yahoo group, Blessedkids_Update, your group of families responded overwhelmingly. Every one said they would help in any way they could.

We were able to find an escort through you. A lady who works at an Orphanage in China is coming home to the States, and helping them navigate. We would not have been able to find this lady without your help in posting our need. Visas were approved and they will travel before the month is over.

Again Thank you and your group of wonderful families. I tried to reply to everyone, and don't know if I missed anyone, if I did it was an oversight on my part. EVERYONE is sincerely thanked! :o)


Hi Adele, 
We are safely back from China as of last week, and are settling in nicely. I just wanted to say hi to you, and to thank you again for all of your wonderful services to us before we left: 

The phone card worked GREAT!! My Mother-in-law was able to use it effectively each time, and the connections were perfect.

The paragraph introducing ourselves to the people we met in China was used countless times, and people we met seemed to enjoy being able to read a bit about why we were there, etc. Thank you!

Also, the note you had translated as well as the picture descriptions and questions for the orphanage had arrived safely, and were helpful in getting some priceless pictures to us taken of our daughter at the orphanage before we arrived using the disposable cameras we sent.

Thank you! Take care, and thanks again for all that you did!

-- K.S. in Pennsylvania


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